The Halloween Tree.

I remember reading The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury back when I was a teen but darned if I can recall how it ended. Now I've just watched the intro and a clip of the Hanna-Barbera adaptation and it has left me hungering for more. I need to find a copy, hopefully before the month's end.

Why do I bring this up now? Well, not only is it Day 2 of my Countdown to Halloween but I just happened lay my hands on my very own Halloween Tree last night! As a matter of fact I got two of them!

I popped into Mandai (Best...Store...Ever!) just to see what loot I could pick up and lo and behold within one of the UFO Catchers was a Halloween Tree. After several tries, I finally managed to land one and happily carried it around the store while I sought other cool items. I picked up a few goodies such as some Mystery Bags (to be showcased later) and with my purchase, I was given a voucher for a 2-tries-for-1-coin at the UFO Catcher machine of my choice. I went back to the machine and won a second tree, this one with ghosts!

The toughest part of assembling the trees was finding enough batteries to enclose.

I've figured out the first ornament with which to adorn my tree...

Since I don't have the aforementioned book, this is the nearest tome in tone that I own. I hope to read this on the weekend.

 I probably have a NBC Halloween Tree somewhere but I can't locate it right now. So for the nonce, here is a pumpkin bush guarded by Zero.

 Finally for my Titan entry, there isn't anything really tree-related so this little diorama of stickers on a wall is about the best I can do. I'm not even sure if I assembled it correctly, but who cares, it was on sale and came with a pack of Choco-flakes.

I'm going to link daily to another blog that I think you might enjoy and today's lucky winner is Erick at the Wonderful Wonderblog. Go there to see some Halloweeny cutouts.


It's almost time for the Countdown to Halloween 2014 to begin whereupon Bloggers from around the world spend the month of October presenting Halloweeny themes for one and all to peruse. Click that link to join in the fun and be sure to check out the new badge on the side of my blog featuring The Creature (From the Black Lagoon, natch) who is celebrating his 60th Anniversary and is the Feature Creature for this year's Countdown.

I've started my entry with a spot of Franky-tea as today's Halloween treat. Not bad, a bit too herby for my taste but tasty enough.

Today's movie feature as part of Takeshi Miike Tuesday is his latest opus, Kuime or "Over Your Dead Body".

I saw this a few weeks ago and it is incredibly creepy. I couldn't understand half the dialogue but I could figure out the entire movie just by the surreal imagery. If you were lucky enough to catch a Preview at TIFF, you got to see it with some English subtitles. I wasn't quite so lucky. Click the link above and surf around there. Good for a few surprises.

As and added bonus to today's bloggy thing, I managed to snag several Kuime-chan sticker sheets and I have 6-8 to give away. Just comment on the blog or my Facebook page and tell me what your favourite Takeshi Miike movie is and I'll send you a sheet!

I hope to include a Movie Pamphlet whenever possible. I don't have one for this movie, but I took some photos of some promo pics. 

Preference will be given to those outside of Japan and if the response is too overwhelming, then I'll send you a Monster Hotel (Hotel Transylvania) sheet instead.

Okay, I'm running out of time if I expect to publish this by midnight, so here are two more of the features this month. A Daily Nightmare Before Christmas doodad and a Daily Attack on Titan goody.

These Nightmare Wall-hanging thingies are perfect places to store my easily misplaced Remotes. Not sure what I'll stuff in the other pockets.

A couple of Titan hand towels. Not sure whether I'll use them or give them out as Halloween presents. We shall see...

That's about it for the premiere post. Come back for a dose of Halloweeny goodness every day this month!


Very Very Shank You.

Today was the last day of lessons with my Grade 5s and 6s at three different schools. On Wednesday, I do a switcheroo with another teacher and start at three more schools. Since I taught these guys last year as well, the departure of the Grade 6ers was a little more difficult to take yet it was one of my 5s that almost put a tear in my eye. One of the most boisterous of students handed me the classes' tribute sheet and then did a little dance and impersonation of me. So awesome.

Before I get to the tributes, here are some travel posters that they've been working on all month and made presentations this week. Coming up is Spain.

As you can see, they're fairly similar. I copied pages from an Atlas and then they embellished them. Here are some representing France, Brazil, Greece and Australia.

Only a couple chose Canada (it wasn't part of the textbook) so they got some stickers of mine to use.

It was the kids who chose America that I really enjoyed. All of them expressed a desire to "I want to eat Hamburger" or "I want to drink Cola".

The Statue of Liberty holding a hamburger and the guy bungee jumping down the Grand Canyon are my particular favourites.

Now let's bring on the tributes! The Grade Sixers at one school hadn't prepared anything so they wrote a farewell on a piece of paper after they'd performed their presentations. (In all fairness, I returned to that school twice afterwards so they had some reason to be ill-prepared.)

There were some highlights though.

One of the teachers felt bad about this so at the end of the day, the kids put together a Sayonara Sheet fresh with origami

The Grade 5s at the same school were on the ball and presented me with these really nice Autograph cards with each and every student mentioning an item that they like (one of the lessons.) I've shrunk it down cuz it takes too long to white-out all their names.

Now if they'd only used the English spelling of my name and not the French. C'est la Vie.

Another school prepared their send-offs in advance and I got an envelope full of cards that said pretty much the same thing with next to no English whatsoever. (It's the thought that counts.)

Today's school had indeed prepared in advance and since I had time to kill after the presentations, I asked them to draw a picture. This is what they came up with. First up the Sadako fans, honouring one of my more popular lessons.

Frozen, of course.

And then there were some portraits of me. I think they capture my essence quite succinctly. First beardless.

Just as a reference point, this is what I normally look like at school, though not necessarily wearing a mouse upon my head.

And my scruffy look as seen through the eyes of my students...

The last three are my favourites. My Charles Manson look, my happy look and the kid who wants to shank me!

Please before any grammarians weigh in, their spelling and grammar IS atrocious because, much to my chagrin, we are mandated to NOT teach them the basics.


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