Stocking Stuffers.

Need something to stick in your kid's Stocking this Christmas? Tired of rummaging through the malls looking for just the right gadget or gizmo? Well, you need not look any further than your local コンビニ (Conbini or Convenience Store).

Choco Eggs are back and, though it may be hard to believe, there is a Frozen connection! You can get Anna or Olaf (I think Elsa was in the last batch of eggs.) I got Anna.

There are several other characters, mainly from the Disney Network, such as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Dusty the Plane, Jack Sparrow, Pooh-san or Agent P (a ninja platypus?). There is also a Secret one which I happen to own. I'll show you a picture of it at the very bottom of this page, should you wish to remain surprised.

 As usual, there are variants to the above. In the photo above, Mickey and Minnie are in colour. I received a vintage Black and White Minnie whereas a fellow collector nabbed a B/W Mickey.

(As promised, the Secret egg will be revealed. Be sure to scroll down to see!)

If your kid isn't loopy on the chocolate yet, get him a can of coffee. There are four of these Chuggington trains to collect with a can of Wonda. I'd never heard of Chuggington before. Here's a sample.

From L to R, it's Hanzo, Koko, Wilson and Bruster (I'm not certain of the spelling here, I took the names from the katakana.)

You may want to keep the coffee for yourself and not hop up your kid on caffeine, but if you're at all sadistic (like me), you may want to get your waif loopy on Attack on Titan Energy Drinks! Amino 5000! and unlike most energy drinks, these ones taste pretty good.

You can't get these at a Conbini, but I snagged a couple of Mickey's friends at a UFO Catcher today. In addition to Mickey, Minnie and Pooh-san, you can get Donald or Marie (from Aristrocats).

Now's the time to avert your eyes if you DON"T want the Secret egg revealed...

Pretty cool, eh? Mickey as the Sorcerer's Apprentice from Fantasia!


Grab Bags.

In the style of Ashens, I decided to rip open several bags of toys purchased from Mandai before Halloween. I never got around to tearing into them before now, so they become Creepmas/Christmas treats rather than Halloween goodies.

Speaking of Ashens, here is a Peeing Pooch:

So I was trying for the sarcastic tone that he employs but I tended to ramble a bit too much. I think if I do this again, I'll just do it a bag at a time rather than cramming it all in at once. Here is the first video that YouTube made me shrink down from a half hour to a watchable 15 minutes. The quality sucks, you can't see half the toys, my banter is lame SO unless you're really bored, I DON"T recommend you waste your time watching it.

The second video is missing a huge part from the middle of my diatribe and shows just the tail end of it. Once again, DON"T bother watching it unless you're a glutton for punishment. (And I forgot to tilt the camera, Doh!)

So that the last hour wasn't a complete waste of time, I photographed the goods and here they are in random order:

 A Chopper from Taiwan that specifically says, not to be removed from Taiwan.
 Some One Piece dude.
 An Evangelion robot-dude.
 A mermaid with a Rastafarian Starfish
 Auel Neider from Gundam.
 Some well-endowed Gypsy gal from One Piece.
 A Masked Rider baddie.
 A gal with extreme back problems
 A glam guy.
 She comes with her own stool.
Some stand up dohicky, a pair of Dragonball (?) characters from Coke and  something else.
 A mini pouch featuring the Koala Cookie Character.
 A quartet of mini-finger puppets if you have really tiny fingers.
 This is some Pokemon-dude getting pissed on wine. It is actually a Pawn, now I want the whole chess set.
 Various vehicles, including the gal from Lupin.

What follows are many characters from One Piece. Apart from Luffy and Chopper, I know not their names. Look it up your self.

 A quartet of warrior princesses.
 Not sure what the signs say. I hope it's good news.
 It's Masahiro Tanaka as a charm!
 A coin and some buttons.
 Various K-on goods, those cards are made of metal!
 A Titan card case and a button. (I'm keeping these.)
 Various mushroomy guys.
 Very tiny One Piece characters.
 Some Gundam toys et al, assembly required.
 A little behind the times, these are K-On stickers to put on your Keitai.
 Some trading cards.

Well, that's it. I think I opened about 5 bags at 200 yen a pop so for the price of 10 bucks, I landed all of the above. Not a bad haul, I must say.  I know a few people who would appreciate the above and the rest I shall keep for myself!

Happy Creepmas, one and all. I only wish there were more creepy things within!


'Twas The Night Before Creepmas.

And aw Holy F*ck, not creature was stirring except this toy Duck.

There's Shakespearean Jack and a Santa one too,

And Ghost Teddy eerily flying down the flue.

Jack with a present and Sally with that Duck, and look it's Oogie Boogie, that nasty old F*ck!**

Jack as a baby, a toddler, a pirate; and that pudgy beanbag Jack just doesn't seem right.

Elongated Jack what has he wrought, oh no he's tied himself in a knot!

Lock, Shock and Barrel riding in a tub with Jack as a Snowman, Rub-a-dub-dub.

Apart from Jack on a snowboard with Sally in tow, and a Shock with his axe all ready for show,

I've run out of toys, so off to bed I shall go. Happy Creepmas to all, and HO, HO, HO, HO!

**(So I repeated a joke, sue me.)


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