Cheesy Decorations.

At today's school, I noticed that the First Grade teacher had an envelope with Halloween written upon it. We then proceeded to go through the goods and there were some cheesy, uber-cute cut-outs. They're very Hallmarkish yet have some fine details to them.

 The foppish skeleton walking his pet spider.
 The mouse taking a chunk out of green cheese out of the moon.
 The bedazzled bow-tied bat.
 The goofy looking ghost.
 The hayseed Jack-o'-Lantern.
 The stoner spider high on candy corn.
 Double double, boil and bubble.
 The haunted corn husk with the confused pumpkin and lazing black cat.
 Frankenstein (with an F on his chest) about to trample on a cat
 A string of crepe-paper Jack-o'-Lanterns. I gave her a pumpkin template from which her students could design their own faces.

Finally, today since I was in the neighbourhood, I popped into IKEA and because Halloweenish goods did not sell well last year, they didn't order anything new. There is a string of Pumpkin-lights and these packages of orange or black pumpkins. I bought 6 packs at 149 yen each so I'll be able to give each of my several hundred students a Jack or two.

Better Latte Than Never.

Just a quickie today.
One of my schools has the most adorable Halloween display. Aren't these the cutest ghosts?

  I am not sure here, but could this be an ethereal Wedding party?
 Dig that cutesy witch.
 A skull has got to be the most fitting huckster for Calcium Wafers.

Finally, when I bought my Ghostly Pepsis yesterday, I also snagged a Sweet Pumpkin Latte. It tasted pretty good but I didn't perceive much of a pumpkinny taste.

It was far superior to the Ghost Pepsi I drank. The Mystery Flavour might be grape, it was very difficult to tell. It definitely was NOT very yummy. I'll try another Pepsi tomorrow just to compare the flavours. If it's the same, I think I'll put my taste test on hiatus.


Pepsi Ghost!

Oooh! Today was the release date for a Scary Spectral Soda! This Paranormal Pepsi has six different labels and a "Mystery Flavour"! I don't know if each Pepsi has a different flavour or if they all share the same mysterious concoction but I'll try one a day this week to test it.

These accompanying videos proclaim that those with a weak heart shouldn't view them. I take no responsibility for any deaths; you've been forewarned!

Are you still with me?

If you buy these Pepsis, I recommend you don't pay the 151 yen at the Conbini and rather wait until you get to a Supermarket and only pay 100 each like I did! I saved 306 yen! (Of course, I could have saved 600 yen by not buying any, but we all know that'd never happen.)

Regardless of how much you pay for a Ghostly Pepsi, the price is still far cheaper than picking up a BttF Pepsi Perfect! It'll cost you in the ballpark of 20 bucks for a bottle from Back to the Future! Even I consider that to be a little steep.

Notice how the Colonel is getting into the Halloween spirit (I'm fairly certain, Pepsi is a KFC drink.)

More Halloween treats this month as the Countdown to Halloween continues. There's a spooky little button on the title page of this here blog. Click it and you can find a flog of blogs about the season.


Monsters' Kampai Party!

Oh dopey me forgot my phone at work today so instead of new photos to upload, I'll scam some from a previous post. Way back here, I showed off several face masks that came as freebies when one buys a Smirnoff Ice. Now if you go to the Monsters' Kampai Party website, you can do something with the barcode. Unfortunately, I don't have my phone so I can't scan one!

Here are a couple of the costumed characters that they offer up.

 Franken (-stein)
 Piero (French and Japanese for Clown)
 Monki- Buraza- (Monkey Brother? I have no idea what this is.)
 Panpukin (Pumpkin, duh)
Zonbi- (Zombie, double duh)

MKP has added a few more monsters to its party.

 Lady Miira (Mummy)
Urufuman (Wolfman)

I discovered a few masked party-goers, they are fairly lame until the masks go on, otherwise it's just a quintet of hipsters.

The masks help a lot.

Since I don't have much else to offer about this Party, I thought I'd show off the masks once again, now that I have all dozen of them, ranking them in order from my least to most favourite.
(Be sure to click on any of these pics to embiggen them.)

I only wish these were just a few centimetres wider so they could more readily fit around my big skull without being so uncomfortable. I have several doubles that I'll use with my students at Halloween this year. They should go over well. (I do wish, the SMIRNOFF label weren't emblazoned on the right cheek, but what can ya do?)

Which mask is YOUR favourite?


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