Manga-nificent Museum.

When in Kyoto, I just randomly stumbled across a Museum totally devoted to Manga, The Kyoto International Manga Museum. In my opinion, it's more a library than a museum yet it did have some gallery displays, so I guess that qualifies. It has thousands of copies of Manga from throughout the years including international sections, graphic novels and historical background. AND, anyone can pick up (almost) any book and go outside and read it on the patio. Many of the sections wouldn't allow photos, but here are some of the permitted pics.

There was a limited display of the history of Black Jack and to be honest, I didn't know too much about the character. Now I know a lot more and I even had a Caesarean performed by the famous surgeon and his assistant.

I couldn't leave the place empty handed and got a few goodies, such as an Atomu medal and a roll of Black Jack TP.

When at a Kansai version of Mandai, I came across a few manga by Tezuka Osamu such as 三つ目がとおる (Mitsu-me ga Tooru or The Three-eyed One).

Watch Mitsume Ga Tooru (Three Eyed One) Ep 1 in Anime  |  View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

I also found an early volume of Black Jack and a hard-cover compilation of his 12 best stories.

I also found a 1000-page volume of (not very) Erotic stories. Cute but only a little naughty. 

And a copy of  鉄人28号 or Tetsujin 28 gou in which he battles Frankenstein.

If you have a couple of hours to kill, be sure to check out this museum!


Got My Mo-Jo Working.

Castle #2 is 丸岡城 (Maruoka Castle) in, appropriately, Maruoka City in Fukui. I never intended going there, I was searching for a series of bluffs and typically got lost. While trying to get back on track, I stumbled across it. It is also known as 霞ヶ城 (Kasumi-ga-jō or Mist Castle) due to the legend that whenever an enemy approaches the castle, a thick mist appears and hides it. After discovering this castle, I decided to visit several different castles on my journey.

The view from the interior is pretty breathtaking as well.

Before I continued my journey, I bought a cool pair of socks from the gift shop.

Here are a few more shots of scenery before I reached my next destination.

Next stop...Osaka!

I arrived at Osaka Castle at around 9 and snapped a few blurry photos of the exterior. (I spent the next 2 hours seeking a place to stay for the night!)

Next stop...Kyoto.

ps.  = jou = castle, thus Mo-Jo = More Castles. Ha ha.


Castling. (Day One)

I spent the last ten days driving all over Japan, often getting lost and as a result saw some places I normally wouldn't have gone to. First while driving to Niigata, I stopped for a pit stop in a Highway Nexco at Azuma because I liked the name. I snapped a few pics of the surrounding mountains.

While looking for an onsen in Niigata, I snapped a shot of a giant tap.

Thanks to my misdirection, I somehow ended up in Shibata. While driving around that city, I found 新発田城 Shibata Castle as dusk was approaching. Very cool indeed.

I decided to continue on my trek and ate at a Mos-Burger in Kurosaki. I ultimately crashed in a city called Joetsu.

I'll continue my tale tomorrow...


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